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        Mineral waterproof and refractory dense busbar

        Mineral Waterproof and Fire-Resistant Intensive Bus

        Core Technology

        1、The shell of mineral water-proof and fire-resistant intensive bus duct is formed by bending 2mm steel plate, with reinforcing bars in the middle, which increases the strength of bus duct mechanism. High strength steel rivet connection technology is adopted for bus fixing, which makes fire-resistant bus duct have certain explosion-proof performance
        2、The increase of bus bar surface area can effectively reduce the loss caused by skin effect.
        3、3. Through the double-layer fully sealed steel structure, the bus structure cross joint adopts high temperature resistant sealant, and the protection grade of bus duct reaches IP67. In case of fire, the impact of fire fighting water and spray on the power supply of the line is reduced, ensuring the safe operation of the line, greatly reducing the harm caused by power failure or short circuit of the circuit, resulting in greater loss and casualties.
        4、Mineral water-proof and fireproof intensive bus groove adopts inorganic minerals (magnesium oxide and synthetic mica) as the insulation material. Its fireproof temperature reaches over 1150℃. When the fire resistance temperature of bus channel is 1150℃, the fire resistance time reaches 180 minutes The steel shell of the bus adopts type ultra-thin steel structure fire retardant coating, which can effectively improve the fire performance of the bus, ensure that the fire within 180 minutes does not affect the internal structure of the bus, ensure the integrity of the line, ensure the safe operation of the power supply in case of fire.

        Innovation Point
        Enhance the mechanical strength of waterproof and fire-resistant bus duct, so that the fire-resistant bus has a certain explosion-proof performance
        Increase the protection grade of waterproof and fire-resistant bus duct, compact design saves the laying space and cost of the line, and improves the economic benefit.

        The mineral water-proof and fire-resistant intensive bus duct solves the problem that the traditional fire-proof bus duct is unable to supply power safely in case of fire, so that the operation state of the fire-proof bus duct can be truly fire-proof, water-proof and high temperature proof

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