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        Job Offers
        Job Title: Senior Key Account Manager (Beijing, Jinan, Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Hefei, etc.)
        Job Responsibilities:
        1. Seriously implement the company's internal sales management regulations and implementation rules, and strive to improve its sales business level;
        2. Development and maintenance of relevant customers in the region;
        3. Have a better understanding of the overall sales process model, be able to complete prescribed or promised sales target tasks, provide enthusiastic and thoughtful services to customers, and establish and maintain long-term good cooperative relationships;
        4. Collect market background, customers, channels and competitors information, analyze market capacity, structure and trends;
        5. Sign the sales contract, urge the contract to be performed normally and on schedule, and urge the sales amount;
        6. Fill in relevant sales forms and submit sales analysis and summary reports;

        Job Requirements:
        1. No gender restriction, college degree or above, electrical and mechanical related majors are preferred;
        2. Those with design institute resources and customer resources in related industries are preferred;
        3. Those with sales experience of bus ducts or distribution cabinets are preferred;
        4. People with relevant project sales experience are also available;
        5. Stable work and high loyalty;
        6, diligent, practical, honest, able to accept business trips in different places;
        7. Those who can drive and have private cars are preferred.
        Company benefits: social insurance, employee birthday gifts, regular group building, training, business trip subsidies, communication and transportation subsidies, performance bonuses, etc.

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